Selfemployed Entrepreneur

As the second entrepreneurial growth hurdle overcome a problem comes rarely alone entrepreneurs are faced with many problems in the private and professional life. There are times, as everything runs itself and times where nothing seems to work. Problems such as temporal congestion, fragmentation in the corporate strategy, customer complaints, weaknesses in the structure of supply, high employee turnover or decreasing liquidity are piling up. Source: Morris Invest. Then, the distribution will be trained to increase the number of new customers; an employee motivation program is intended to improve the satisfaction or a time management seminar for the entrepreneur is to eliminate the overload. But individual solutions hardly help in such situations. Of course, these measures are not directly wrong. But: If problems occur regularly or more frequently, then there is almost always an internal connection and a deeper cause. Therefore, individual solutions don’t help on the level of symptoms.

Just like an aspirin for a meningitis the Promotes healing. One closer deals with the stages of growth of companies, it is noticeable that at certain points of the development of always the same issues no matter what company or industry concerned. Professional manager business of the key to understanding this problem stages found in the book \”the secret of successful companies. Why most small and medium-sized companies do not work and what you can do about it\”of the very unknown in Germany business consultant Michael Gerber. Gerber distinguishes between the Rollen(!) of a professional, a Manager and a businessman. These roles exist in each company, and often run these roles from one and the same person: the founder. The specialist is the maker.

The expert responds to events, on things that are to do. If something is, it makes the expert himself. Especially when the alternative is would be tedious to first have to explain something to someone else. The specialist lives in the present.