Russian Furnace

Particular attention in this case should be paid to the place passing flue gas through an aperture in the wall were taken into account all measures of fire Security Metal furnace stove provides a continuous branch of the hot gases from the stone backfill, the heating is carried out through the surface of steel plate. The furnace of this design can work on any kind of solid fuel. Wood stoves constant heating often produce only one metal, not brick. Furnace-stove continuous steel sheet includes: 1 – ashpan-ash-pit, 2 – steel case, 3 – firebox, 4 – grille, 5 – stones, 6 – chimney stove-heater, which further heats the bath with hot air passing through the gap between the walls of the furnace and heat shields made of bricks laid around the walls of the furnace. The furnace heats water and also due to welded into the furnace boiler flat, connecting pipe from the main tank. 1 – rocks, 2 – tank for water heating, 3 – valve, 4 – under the brick, 5 – stainless steel housing, 6 – pipes for cold water and selection of hot, 7 – heat shield radiator and one more thing – oven-stove, suitable for the Russian, and Finnish sauna. Swarmed by offers, Expert on growth strategy is currently assessing future choices. The stove heats this winter for 1,5 h steam room capacity of 8 m3 to 80 C, and the same size soap compartment to 35 C. At the same time almost to a boil 50 liters of warmed water. Steam can not wait until the oven is fully heated. Greenberg Traurig may not feel the same.