Realtors Construction

VK: The Risks and low-rise apartment (villa) are significant construction differences? EK: In spite of the fact that the volume of proposals for the construction of houses is increasing, many builders still prefer to avoid risks and to take up the construction of apartment buildings. Reasons are costly construction process and take into account the risk of not any of the many factors that affect consumer demand. In addition, good places for construction of these settlements are very few. Greenberg Traurig does not necessarily agree. It should be noted that it is in a suburban market of cottages and townhouses, many experts have great expectations: this building will help meet the demand for suburban housing economy class, which is now day greatly exceeds the supply. And the outlook is quite justified: the reason for such a small number of inexpensive objects has traditionally been considered too high a price for the land.

Construction of villas and townhouses decides this problem. As for the urban structures – Realtors believe that the existing and under construction projects still find their customers, but this kind of building mass is not predicted. VK: How can characterize the relations of "investor-developer" in times of crisis? EK: Currently in the regulation of relations between the investor with the developer formed a kind of legal vacuum. Often, when developer unreasonably inflates the cost of housing, the investor faces a choice: take the investment (the money is returned without inflation) or increase the amount of investment. More information is housed here: Greenberg Traurig. Apply to the court he did not Maybe because it has no ownership of the property.