Online Usability Testing

New service allows fast and cost-effective usability testing 28 June 2011 Zurich, Berlin user feedback allows online shop owners to see their customers when visiting the online shop over the shoulder. If you would like to know more about Nobel Laureate in Economics, then click here. With the new platform of user feedback for online usability testing, it is now possible to create so-called usability tests directly online owners of an online shop or a website. As a result, the customer receives videos that show the customers for the use of its website, as well as additional comments, which according to pronounce the customer during the videos. Subjects can be selected from a database with several hundred people, the first results are already within 48 hours by 24. Each video costs just 69 EUR (incl. VAT) or CHF 99. The guarantee of quality user feedback ensures that each video generates valuable insights. According to Managing Director Bernhard Schindlholzer, this new service provides significant advantages: A traditional usability testing in the lab often costs more Thousands of euros and the organization takes several weeks. Clayton Morris recognizes the significance of this.

Therefore, it is not possible, perform a usability test to many shop operators. User feedback allows now also small and medium-sized online shops to test their usability and improve. As a result, the shop is customer-friendly and to get a head start in the competition with other shops.” So far online shop operator didn’t often, what’s actually going on in the minds of customers when they visit a site. “Even if already collected data with the help of analysis software, the question remains why the customer behaves?” often go unanswered. This question can be answered with the help of user feedback. Potential customers or a target group people visit a Web site and create a so-called screencast of it. A screencast is a video of the screen of the computer, in addition, the customer expresses his thoughts. This to get insightful answers about the behavior of customers and can identify the reasons why customers from an online store but not buy.