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Buy an apartment 8 Steps Step 1: Choose a bank a few tips on how to select Bank 1) ring up 5.7 banks in which mortgage lending is a profiling product. 2) Determine whether you are suitable to the requirements of mortgage borrowers. 3) We compare the proposed programs (interest rate, loan term, down payment amount, the cost of the loan, then all that is most important to you). 4) Find out the requirements for banks credited objects. 5) If you want to reduce the time for choosing a bank, you can, seek free advice, tel. 8-926-246-27-76 Here are links to banks in which the mortgage is a core product: Mortgage Loan from DeltCredit in U.S. dollars from 8.0% in Russian rubles from 10.25% in different Russian cities. The credit crunch within three working days from the date of application and a set of documents at the apartment.

Learn why you should choose a bank DeltCredit, get information about our special offers and Calculate the loan amount on our mortgage calculator. BSGV BSGV offers you a loan: – "Flat" – for the purchase of an apartment with her then or guarantee the security of owning an apartment – "Residential property" – to purchase the item suburban real estate (cottage, land) with its subsequent pledge or the security of available property in the object-town real estate – "Refinancing" – for refinancing previously granted by another bank or other lending institution mortgage. VTB24 you dream of your own apartment or are planning to buy a home? Mortgage lending VTB 24 – a most beneficial way to solve your housing problems. Now with the help of mortgage you have the opportunity in a short time become the owner of the shelter and immediately move into my new apartment. Mortgage Bank Consider buying an apartment as a task of prime importance – it is absolutely correct way of thinking. How realistic is that in the near future you will have their own apartment? GE MONEY BANK Mortgages GE Money Bank – it's more square feet, as annual percentage rate does not depend on the loan period.

Loan term – up to 30 years. City Mortgage Bank plan to buy an apartment? Maybe think about an individual house? You can have a lot of plans, but often for their implementation requires additional funds. For all these purposes you can get a mortgage in the City Mortgage Bank. Choose a mortgage, which you are interested in and contact us so For more information about mortgage loan and that you need to do to get it.