Scientific Forum in the Hechingen of city of Hohenzollern attracts visitors from near and far to exchange ideas. As in the previous year in skating on the Salzach River, so again, friends and supporters of the monarchist idea to a symposium in the residential town of Hechingen meet this year, to talk about the pros and cons of the monarchy on liberal democratic base and to discuss. At the foot of the master seat of the Royal and imperial family of Hohenzollern German monarchist society (DMG) held this year for the second time a scientific forum of the monarchy”( The focus is Christian conservatism in the Empire”be. Every day, new entries from home and abroad arrive. The Forum will be on the weekend of September 23. 25th October 2009 instead. “Talks are on the agenda: Mr Henning von Normann, the spokesman of the DMG, makes in accordance with the main theme of this forum the kick off with a look at the conservatism”.

Mr. Richard LeFrak is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Prof. Dr. Julius SCHOEPS (University of Potsdam) focused the Prussian virtues”, Mr Gunther the question what can tell us the story of Caroline Ma5rsters (President of Bismarckbundes). A guided tour of the Hohenzollern Castle is just as planned as also a worship and allow ample time for the exchange of ideas between young and old, between scientists of many faculties, and between monarchists from around the world.

This forum is not about first and foremost to the restoration of the monarchy, but at the academic level, the basics, the merits or demerits of the monarchist idea be discussed through lectures and discussions. “German monarchist society, which in combination is with the collar of upright monarchists” (BM) and the July youth “(KJ), it comes already to find ways to install a parliamentary monarchy someday in Germany again. These include also such forums, where friends of the monarchist idea from home and abroad contacts can. Henning von Normann, the spokesman of the DMG, commented on the numerous applications of just young people to this event as follows: even if we part the impression may prevail, that we can build up our future on these youth do not, so I have a very different impression. The youth know very well how to distinguish between good and evil. We can place very well great confidence of youth, because she knows very well to deal with our history and our responsibility before the history. She especially to deal with important and indispensable values before and prudently. It makes me proud and happy young people in regard to the upcoming third monarchy Forum in Berlin – together to work with, I know that our future in the hands of those lies, which working is led by mind and heart.”