Internet Social

As it remembers Castels (1999), the interactive nets of computers are growing exponentially, creating new methods and communication channels, molding the form of the people to interact. In this context, the power of the nets brought to characteristic the new companies, amongst them, the biggest capacity of communication. According to substance presented in the magazine Sees (2009, ed. 2120), in none another country the social nets on-line have so great reach as in Brazil. With a monthly hearing of 29 million people, the Brazilians already dominate the Orkut, and advance on the Twitter and the Facebook. In accordance with the data of the Ibope Nielsen Online, meetings these two social nets had been visited by six million users only in the month of May of 2009.Em this perspective, the main objective of this article are to demonstrate as the social nets assist in the communication and the interaction of the companies with its customers, by means of bibliographical research and a illustrative research.

It presents the following specific objectives: to carry through a study on communication and the Internet: as it appeared, which age the intention, as it popularized and which the main ones changes that had occurred since its creation. The choice of the subject of this work justifies for being a current subject, that is part of the daily one of thousand of people in the world, beyond being in full ascension and that it makes possible an ample field of studies. In the previous carried through research, few Brazilian authors and referring scientific works to this subject in specific had been found, showing a oporturnidade and creating, thus, an interest in developing a scientific work that can become a future source of research for interested pupils, professors, professionals and in the subject. On the methodology, one consisted in bibliographical research of field and, that had supplied to the analytical instrument the study on the social nets and reading of articles related to the subject.