Interior Design Project

Many of us from time to time face the challenge of building and repair, we build houses, buy flats or perform reconstruction of old apartments and fitted offices. Why do I need a designer and what work it performs in Nowadays, the abundance of building and finishing material, the presence of a large number of highly skilled construction crews? Designer, working on interior designs various solutions of internal space, given its functional characteristics and capabilities of the premises, and the wishes of the customer selects the desired color palette and texture that will be most advantageous to represent the interior. When formation of an interior designer should take into account the spiritual culture of the human sequence to study its habits and addiction. It is in dialogue with the customer to work on interiors is born one key image, which subsequently becomes a concept to address the whole interior of the house. It is not always possible to express the person immediately. Therefore, the designer should listen to the unspoken, to do precisely that which corresponds to this situation that this place was a hotbed of the source of physical and emotional warmth. Firstly, the project interior must be two major components: conceptual design (the documents on which you discuss and offer ideas of the designer) and detailed design (a set of documents on which any competent construction team will be able to realize the decision and on the stage of conceptual design solution). Beginning of work is detailed and qualitative measurement. .