Choosing to install Penoizol. In our time the market provided penoizol very many varieties of equipment from different manufacturers. Any newcomer who wants to do this business, it is hard to make your choice. As said head spin. In his article, I want to clarify what is hidden under the beautiful promotional statements. On the basis of ethical considerations, concrete installations on any question, I will not.

So. Before you have to buy set for itself to the conclusion: what you need it. If you need to make a warming room, and several other objects, so to speak, for themselves and their, you do not need to acquire doroguschy, super setting. In this case, you can do a minimal budget. Additional information at Morris Invest supports this article. You can do the installation GZHU own or buy ready-made.

In any case you do will be cheaper than hiring contractors. When it comes to what you decide to do penoizol professionally, then determine the choice difficult. There are many companies and firmochek that shine with their colorful ads. Everyone praises his invention to the extent their capacity and sling mud at competitors. But on some points, many tend to hold back. Let's try to consider these points: Installations using pump 10 and the NS NS 6. Gear pumps 10, a gear hydraulic pump. Some manufacturers use its facilities to supply the resin, but! To obtain the average dosage 2l/min. The pump shaft must be rotated at 200 rev / min. Everything seems to be nothing, but as soon as the output of formed a high pressure pump, and it is always different, depending on the lifting height of foam generator, the exact dosages to speak no longer necessary.