We live in a society where each step is more important that the lost time. It runs it runs of the pedestrians it goes, it and it comes of the vehicles and the desperation to arrive in some place has cut with a scythe lives and taken others as much, together with the families, to the desperation and an epidemic without equal. It is the evil of our days. At Bizzi & Partners you will find additional information. It is the evil of the new century and is the result of the progress. Not that it is of all bad. Recklessness, imprudence or ineptitude are the reason? RECKLESSNESS 1 (Recklessness = of Latin ' ' negligentia' ' term that assigns lack of care or application in one determined situation, task or occurrence.) 2 (Recklessness = of Latin ' ' of neglegera' ' nothing more it is that the diligence lack, implies negligence, laziness, absence of necessary reflection, characterizing itself also for the inao, indolncia, inertia and passivity. In the Eli bible &#039 was considered by God; ' negligente' ' for knowing that its children were bad and it did not make nothing for proibiz them to violate the rules cultuais.

* Then, recklessness is lack of respect, care, endeavours or passivity in relation the rules whose resulted it is the punishment. IMPRUDENCE Imprudence is a precipitation behavior, of lack of cares. (He is to act without precaution, precipitated, imponderado.) * Being imprudence the CAUSE, then, is lack of education and punishment, whose resulted to restrain it is the fiscalization. INEPTITUDE (Ineptitude is the incapacity, the lack of specific ability for the accomplishment of an activity. ' ' To pilot or to lead a vehicle automotor' '.) * Being ineptitude, then, it is ability lack whose resulted it is education. Education, fiscalization or punishment are the way, the final result? If it does not only think about this, therefore our form is cultural to lead or to pilot. The important one is to go in the root of the formation, to still inculcar in the mind at the beginning of the formation of the conductor on ability, prudence and on endeavours one to transit and insurance better. The Change has that to initiate itself in the mind.