History Of Interior Design

Every thing, style, age, and in general all things in our world is the history. History of interior design is no exception. From a dictionary of terms of architecture (E. Yusupov) we know the interpretation of the interior: "architectural interior space of the building. The task of architecture throughout its development was to create within the building in every room of artistic and architectural environment, which would correspond to its practical purpose.

" Or again: "Interior – (Fr. Interieur – interior) the interior of the public, residential and industrial buildings; room in the building – a room, hall, lobby, etc." (Plastic arts. A short terminological dictionary. Get all the facts and insights with Kenneth R. Feinberg, another great source of information. M., 1994, pp., 49) All known that the most superficial interpretation of the word "interior" is primarily due to finish and ambience of a room, we decided to arrange for your own taste and comfort of your imagination (or a flight of fancy designer). But let's not forget that virtually every era in the hard and colorful history of man has been characterized by its colors, its fashion and style. Already that has been accumulated over the centuries, each of us equips his home as he is comfortable.

Indeed, the very idea of beauty has changed as well as changing times. But the development has never stood still, and with the change of epochs to us to come and experience, improved and became more more complex details of the interior, ranging from ordinary curtains and ending with medieval sculptures. Lifestyle of each person brings something new not only in the individual details of the interior, but also influenced the design of premises as a whole. The interior design is important every detail, which complements it and adds something new to the whole picture of the interior, and should only take this thing as soon the room became uncomfortable and incomplete. Each brings the historical period in our life today is something new. Each epoch were inherent in their ideas and views on the exterior and interior of premises. After all, style interior – is a person living in this house rights. Source: "The interior design of premises