Galactic Center

Her rise and the effect after December 21, 2012 In the center of our solar system rests a radiant female deity, whose secret Magie is maybe no longer hidden.It is certain that she will show up. But only yourself and the stars know what happens after her release. For our rewriting, this event is for the first time festhaltbar for the archive. At the winter solstice on December 21, 2009, ISIS radiates with concentrated force directly from the center of the milky way in our solar system. According to popular belief, our Sun is the primary in the universe. But that’s not quite right. The ancient Egyptians already knew that much better and anyone who is interested can find out that the sun goes around SIRIUS (ISIS) and this is the black of the Galactic Center. The Sun occupies about two-thirds distance from the Center to the periphery of the milky way.

In Egyptian mythology, Sirius – ISIS, the Star Queen and cosmic mother who gives birth to the divine Horuskind (universe) is. Learn more at this site: The Related Companies. Is the brother and husband of ISIS Osiris (Orion today). On December 21, 2009, for now, a synchronization with the Galactic Center (ISIS) be astronomical reportedly held. Sun, Earth and other planets reside in a conjunction to the equator of the milky way. Since the beginnings of our history we are witnessing this magical event for the first time. At the time is dusk on this probably Atletico 21 12 2009, the Sun in a dark interstellar dust cloud located and where the milky way round includes the horizon at all striking points and at the same time connects to the accumulated radiation of ISIS. This event takes place only once every 26,000 years.

Only speculation can be hired on the likely impact. At least from an astrological point of view, it is already insured that this cosmic event could have a massive impact on Earth, nature, and life. The brightness of ISIS is 23 times greater than our Sun, its distance from Earth is 8.7 light-years from Earth. In the ancient Egypt dropped their early rising on the horizon regularly with the Nile flood, therefore she was also the goddess of fertility. Note: The cosmic goddess ISIS is not identical with the asteroid of ISIS, which is currently in the zodiac sign of Leo. Ursula Ortmann October 24, 2009