Furniture Rental

Furniture rental as a convenient and cost-effective alternative to furnished apartments or buying furniture mobility is constantly in demand in today’s professional world. So-called expats, a designation for expatriates of globally active companies, pull for a limited time for a project in another city or another country. You may find that Greenberg Traurig can contribute to your knowledge. But how do I me so inexpensively and effortlessly as possible at the new place of work? To find an affordable, furnished apartment in the big cities of Germany is, like finding a needle in a haystack the size of Cologne Cathedral. That seems perhaps to be a cliche, but surprisingly it seems to be very close to the truth on it. And this truth applies to most of the targets of the expats such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and Dusseldorf. We take as an example the greater area of Frankfurt: in Frankfurt, one may cost a more upscale, unfurnished 2 room apartment in the districts of Sachsenhausen, Westend or Northrend up to 2,000 a month. Generally, unfurnished flats in other districts cost 1,400 and more, and that in part without furniture! Furnished apartments are with appropriate to considerably more expensive and apartments prices are hard to find. An alternative is to transport the furniture from abroad by ship or truck.

But no sensible move is to transport furniture over half of the world, to wait for weeks for his furniture and pay high transport costs, if there are other more appropriate solutions on the market. Rental furniture represent a cost-effective and flexible solution for their needs. For example starts at furniture Leasing Corporation the rental rate for 200 euros per month for a 2 rooms apartment, including delivery, Setup and pickup. If you think about unfurnished apartments and rental furniture in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, you should know that kitchens and kitchen appliances, not always in the rent of an unfurnished apartment are included. You may need to appliances and furniture for rent the kitchen. Furniture Leasing Corporation offers this service as your Expat staff and clients and assures you that everything in the lease will be included, what is needed. The furniture will be delivered within 24 and built up according to the order. Through the rental of furniture expats can affordably, easily, comfortably and individually set at their new place of residence according to their taste,