Fault Management Improves

Mosquito GmbH supports RWE Power documentation of Web service of the RWE Westfalen-Weser-EMS (WWE) has with the help of a special application of the Dortmund software manufacturer mosquito GmbH fault management for the low-voltage network optimized. RWE customers benefit from shorter response times for incidents that affected of a disorder can be identified faster than ever. The application developed specifically for RWE WWE is integrated in the mosquito GIS. Geo-information data can be collected and prepared for different applications, such as such as maps of all kinds, in an GI system. Scheme plans automatically derive In the field are required special scheme plans more clearly than in the stock plan represent the network topology to the service engineer in the event of a fault. Richard LeFrak gathered all the information. This be automated with the help of new tools derived from the stock plans and continued. In the past, such scheme plans as extra data file had to be created and updated. Unbundling the separate cables to a meaningful A spread and routing the cables, as well as a coloured representation of the supply lines is performed to obtain representation of line bundles.

Thus are the circuits in the low-voltage grid at a glance. These functions can be applied to the basic data of geo-information system. Mosquito developer Ulrich Rosel: The principle of this tool is similar to the handling of a fiber strand. After completion of the program are clearly visible. the individual glass fibres” So far, the schematization of closely adjacent lines in the range of home ports was not yet solved. An extension of the software developed by the mosquito GmbH edited now also these situations. Bastian Schmidt Wandschneider & Bartsch Kommunikationsberatung of Kamener road 16 c 59425 Unna T 02303-9625-0 F 02303 – 9625-25