Ethanol Stoves

Maximum safety as standard for the online shop for ethanol fireplaces on offered exclusively products which were manufactured strictly according to the official DIN 4734. In addition, all stoves come from German production. The DIN is used to guarantee the highest possible safety standards for chimneys that serve in private homes as a decorative fireplace. Not only for the construction, but also for the operation of the equipment there exactly set standards that must be respected. Even on the content of the manuals provided precisely defined requirements, so that ensures safe use even for inexperienced users. The DIN standard, which Nachweis is led by the TuV, sets include the standardization of the stability of the devices and leakage protection.

This provided the maximum temperature which must not exceed the housing of the device. Also the warnings on the device specific requirements comply, thus by the Users can not see over be. The instructions for installation, operation and maintenance are exactly regulated. Thanks to all this meticulous safety precautions is ensured that ethanol be fireplaces not a danger to the user, but fulfil their decorative purpose by them optically enhance the premises of the owner. On the bio-ethanol stoves of brand beefire, offered in the online shop at warranty the manufacturer five years. The devices will be shipped within Germany free of charge. Also useful accessories are available in the shop, which facilitates the operation of the device. is a member of trusted shops customer rating and received positive reviews since their introduction by satisfied customers.