Elastic Bandage For Feet

It all started like this: in a not too fine summer day, going to wear a mini skirt, I suddenly noticed on my leg quite distinct capillary 'star', which reminded both purple chrysanthemums and poisonous marine jellyfish. I will not hide, I was upset. Threw her skirt and began to think like this to go on living with grief. And then – more. A familiar nurse, glancing at my feet, sympathetically said: – Do you starting varices. So give birth, if it happens, you will be in the elastic bandage … EXp World Holdings recognizes the significance of this.

Then I did and drooped. Additional information is available at twinbrook capital. Prigoryunilas, zakruchinilas. How do now? I used to be proud of their feet! We must do something! You can not ride! .. And, thinking so , the food once in a tram, lift his head and rested look into advertising the inscription: '… Please contact us, and your pretty feet will be in the spotlight' – and then phone. I recorded it, then rang the bell, then come and beginning of treatment.

That's about all began. Sclerotherapy what is it? The essence of the method of sclerotherapy, by which my feet returned to its former beauty, in a nutshell is this: in the veins injected a syringe sclerosing composition (it is unpleasant, but not very painful), then drag the foot tight elastic bandage (this is called 'compression'), and you walk only in his trousers or something long and romantic. Incidentally, the bandages can be replaced by special tights that I did. A week later, the session is repeated in a week – one more …