Latin America

We forget, that we had a little more of fortune and we were given the opportunity to study, train us, feed us and not go through those grueling tests of life, where Governments used much his demagoguery in favour of them and when they are in power they forget the responsibility to pay more attention to this situation, which seriously affects a percentage of childrenwasting his talent, their potential, that’s know you manage, support, could provide, technical professionals who contribute their knowledge towards the country, avoid that continue showing these facts debased demonstrates that there is a well-defined absence of values, moral ethics. Concern, as the countries of Latin America invest their money, income obtained from its shops, exploitation of its riches, alliances, agreements, post is not invested in favor of helping the future generation, providing schools, health, housing, protection to them Let know healthy enjoy this stage of childhood that is determinant in the conduct, behaviour in the future of the citizen is expected to collaborate with the country. You should be avoided, that poverty remains you stolen her childhood and the has throw into the labour market in conditions of hard competition. Job instability and insecurity surrounding the conditions of child labour in many of our countries and also as discussed, the early incorporation has harmful effects on physical, since development the weakens facilitating that diseases occur and it violates to many Governments they forget the rights of the child established under the Convention on the rights of the childsigned on 20 December 1989, which drew between some aspects: children have the right to be cared for by their States with the most high priority (art 3). Economic and social policies not attributed to them the priority to which are entitled by their condition of people in development, vulnerable to all kinds of personal and social risk. Every child to an education of quality.

The Roma Integration

THE integration of the Roma Oh shame of Gypsies! Clean and always single penalty. Oh shame hidden channel and remote dawn! Federico Garcia Lorca. FORMING a society of solidarity and MULTIETHNIC history of the Gypsies is certainly a history of ethnic persecution, but also of integration orders, offer of assimilation. Today it can be said that as soon as the Gypsies had the slightest chance of entering the labour system, i.e., when this level of integration was an improvement over the marginal situation, Roma entered and masons, glass blowers, port boots and many other things were made. Downtown Philadelphia Condos may not feel the same. As soon as they had the opportunity to settle peacefully, where did not seemed that they hinder anyone. As soon as he was offered a housing and an urban habitat with a payo neighborhood in its entirety or in its vast majority, Gypsies came immediately into the floors and coexisted peacefully with their neighbors. But most of the Gypsy population or not had opportunities labor or when offered it was echoing economic remuneration jobs; This population was eradicated from their sites and piled up and there were burned schools for Gypsies and posts vacant school that they can not be occupied by Gypsies because parents of other small, payos, are lifted and they were concentrated in ghettos segregated. Does truth there has been ever seriously attempt to facilitate the integration of Gypsies in society with effective measures so that the laws would have some not purely rhetorical sense inclusive, opportunities on the paper? It can be said that Spanish Gypsies, throughout its long history in our country, have taken advantage of rare opportunities of integration contributing a solution to its harsh conditions, and that it took it even more, he was by the ideological content of measures of assimilation, posed a barrier, nothing easy to jump. But you can see also that there are several constants that are repeated in the history of the ups and downs Integracion-marginacion.


Credit properly understood financial aspects has a very ancient origin, this goes back to the relationship between the traders who traded their goods even without having the money at the time. General aspects of the credit the credit is an obligation which is acquired in order to be paid within a certain period and determined, i.e. in a future and known or at least determinable date. The credit generally and commonly refers to the loan, however you can also pour into sales contracts. For example it is common to hear that someone has bought an appliance and must pay dues or on specified date. The credit can be free or not, the payment of interest on the amount borrowed or sold (where credit verse about money) i.e., can agree. The credit can be about money or other material things. While all credit is the same, there are different types of loans that have evolved to conform by the commercial practices and the passage of time complex mechanisms that make that people have easy access to a better quality of life.

There are different types of credit among which we highlight: mortgage credit. Free investment credit. Credit for housing. Student credit. Pignoraticious credit this little classification of types of credit only reflects the most common uses today and we will only deal with the first four, since the latter, i.e.

the pignoraticious credit even though it is currently still used on commercial practices, is of little financial banks style: mortgage credit refers to the acquisition of a debt to be paid in the future promiseby supporting the provision of a right in rem called mortgage debt. The real right, consists of a guarantee to the creditor that the obligation will be paid in the future and that not be paid the is entitled to seize and auction the real estate that served as a bond. Free investment and credit for this housing credit classification attends to the destination that you will give to the object of the credit (which is usually money) so then when you buy a free investment credit, the money may be used for any purpose. It is important to talk about this type of credit since it is the opposite of credit for housing, because in this case the credit must be used for the acquisition of housing. In credit for housing the Government of each country usually dictates policies clear and favorable to those who receive the credit, for example establish the obligation to agree on a very low interest that allows people access to this. Student credit in recent years, this type of loan is commonly used by low-income families, since the prevailing need access to a good higher education, is to say to the University, motivates and drives to these families, has been acquiring medium-term credits.


Interior Design fans have proven how lately minimalism is is imposed as predominant choice in the world of decoration. Some defend it by the tranquility that could theoretically make its lines refined against other more Baroque tendencies, others consider that this style (few furniture, straight lines, near absence of color and ornamental or redundant elements) is more practical with the hustle and bustle of daily life today, because opt to not collect unnecessary objects allows us to maintain in good condition the housing with minimal effort. Whatever the reason, the truth is that the majority of young people who become independent now choose this style when decorating your first House and prestigious architects and decorators in magazines offer their best works also with the current minimalist. Personally I think that it is not more than a fashion (recurrent, incidentally) which demonstrates, in addition, a flagrant lack of creativity by the creators of parts (all the houses resemble) and little groundbreaking spirit for part of those who choose it for your House (do you like that your House is identical to the neighbor?). You may find that North Miami Beach can contribute to your knowledge. My theory of the decor speaks of an art that expresses the personality of the person who inhabits a space.

I like that to come into a house one perceived in every detail how is its owner, what he likes, what does in his free time, if it is bold or classic, if you prefer to cook to read, if love art or sport, nature or the urban whatever. It is something that is usually lost when one chooses the minimalism. Although perhaps what achieves this style reflect the personality of clone and cold people, who knows. There are always exceptions, of course, and it is always unfair to generalize, but at least roughly seems to be so. That is why many people wonder if the minimalism in decoration is compatible with the practice of Feng Shui because many times we associate this ancient art with objects and Chinese aesthetics. The answer is Yes, but with some difficulty. Let’s see why.

Feng Shui is based on harmonizing the energy of a space. It is not necessary to resort to any Chinese image or to any character from Chinese mythology. He is achieved through the five elements of Chinese tradition (fire, Earth, metal, water and wood) and these are basically represented through color, the material and the shape of the objects that make up a House. That is why it is feasible to organize a minimalist through Feng Shui home energies provided that we can play with colors, materials or shapes. And that becomes a little more difficult if we follow strictly this decorative style dominated conclusively straight lines, white and black. It can be done, but it will require an extra imagination. If you like minimalism, and are open to introduce some colors, some more flexible forms and some variety of materials in your home decoration Feng Shui will give you all your help without any problem.