Bathroom Faucets

In the past, design of the bathroom was pretty standard and monotonous: steel or cast iron rectangular bathroom, which occupies most of the rooms and common bath sink faucet with long spout, which then pour water into the bathroom, then into the sink. Recent trends in the design of a completely transformed the appearance of a bathroom. First, if possible, placed under the bath is given a fairly spacious, so a bath was no longer 'Center of the universe ", as part of the interior. Second, many technical innovations make it possible to install bathtubs of various shapes and sizes, and taps the original design and with a variety of convenient functions can be located anywhere: on the wall, and on the edge of a bathtub. Nevertheless, the traditional universal mixers do not lose their positions.

Apart from the fact that many of us are just used to them, they really work properly, filling water and a bath, and feeding water into the sink, and shower while standing comfortably take. Especially in demand are models of mixers in the apartments of the old layouts, where the no frills, except for a small sink and a rectangular bath only impossible to accommodate. In these apartments more opportunities to place the mixer in the bathroom, in addition to the traditional location of the sink, provides capital replacement of pipes, where you can make new layout of pipes and two separate mixers for the bathroom and wash basin, or else mount a very fashionable and comfortable wall-mounted faucets. If you opted for wall-mounted mixer, then look at the data sheet, what is the length spout. Despite the fact that the wall mounted with a short spout look very compact, beautifully, a jet of water can fill up a side bathroom.

In the wall mounted can stay steady all the way for a shower or bath rod, with a watering can shower you can rotate in different directions, lift down as convenient. Installation height mixer is chosen individually and averages 10-15 cm from the side. Now manufacturers offer very original design of the bathroom when the mixer is located on a side. Particularly often such mixers are equipped with whirlpool baths. Exclusive and very effective option – on the stand mixers and taps on shelf. Such designs require special liners and water can only be implemented in new buildings.

Feng Shui Bathroom Design

Guided by the principles of ancient Eastern science – Feng Shui, each of us can equip your bathroom so that the house has always reigned supreme peace and prosperity. How do you do it? – If you're going to build a house, do not plan bathroom room in the southeastern part – the area of wealth, because in this case, your wealth will "ooze" down the drain. – The door to the bathroom should be kept closed. – It is desirable that the bathroom had been combined, because the element of water is indivisible. – Do not place the bathroom next to the bedroom, it is believed that this can intensify the negative hypostasis Chi.

– Welcome all kinds of indoor fountains and waterfalls, but from faulty equipment should be disposed of. – In bath should not be droplets on the walls and other signs of excessive moisture. Deal with this problem will help auto splash exhaust fans with the control of humidity, for example, pax, O. erre, etc. – Strengthen the movement of energy to help mirror the elements of decoration and interior design, and first of all – themselves mirror. Positioning should be on opposite walls, but not opposite each other. – Excellent fit with the concept of feng shui and shiny metal parts of the interior, for example – chrome faucets. It is desirable that they have covered with soil-repellent properties, such as mixers grohe.

– To finish the walls of the bathroom suit ceramic tile, glass, a good option – the tree. – Feng Shui allows the use of fairly broad palette of colors for interior bathroom. For example, the white color helps to cleanse the aura, and blue, ocher and light green to help bring wealth. – Soften the abundance of cold smooth surfaces by using fabrics (curtains and rugs). – Plumbing fixtures, furniture and other items in the bathroom should be located so that is in her man was able to see anyone who enters the room. If this is not – hang a mirror so that it reflects the door. – The combined bathroom tub is better to install in the southwest corner of the room and toilet – in south.