Among those who preceded Jean Gagnepain, Marx was the only one who really emphasized this reality, Marx who, as you know, history was not the fact of the historian "professional" (the historian of France, of Art, will the Literature, etc..), but the historian who we all are. What had he seen at the bottom of Marx? A theory of man, and was defined as the man in him, by history, it was necessary to also treat the most scientific way possible, developing a historical materialism. Only then, in the same way that semiology and semiotics, he played a trick on Saussure and ridicule the structuralism (including Levi-Strauss) which became a new idealism, Feuerbach and Engels also played the same trick Marx's historical materialism swinging, much as they could, about what was soon called pervasive materialism, ie, the "dialectical materialism" (Same as Marx, old and tired, eventually giving up), and that was good for the whole evolution of the cosmos! Put another way, the "dialectical materialism", making the dialectic process and culture (ie man), and by nature, we arrive at integral materialism. Briefly, the "dialectical materialism" overwhelmed Marx, just as overwhelmed Saussure's structuralism. In conclusion, I would like to say a word my relationship with Jean Gagnepain.

In general, I would say that the Master is not that we respect, or with whom we have broken: we live it. Put another way, they never respect the teacher as a sign of respect for death. When I talk about Jean Gagnepain, I do exist. But where am I? At the limit, it does not matter. That does not mean that the memory of Jean Gagnepain is not, itself, worthy of the respect we owe to human genius, but we can serve, or to me personally, or you, for an intermediary, that the extent to which the digest, where we do our work. No question, in these circumstances, the fact to stop a teacher at the time of the story and it would be beautiful and good "annihilate" to imitate Sartre. He added that the Master if Master (which no longer exists in France a long time) has nothing to do with the teacher, but on the contrary! Take into account the Master Albert in the Middle Ages when the Master Albert scolded Sorbonne, he took his things and went and left her, that is staying at the place that gave its name in Paris: the Place Maubert. He settled there and taught courses in the open, and all his followers.

He had charisma, drawing the attention of the crowds, he thought, and made it freely. Well, Jean Gagnepain, if you want to see it this way, Albert is the Master of Science of Man. Under these conditions include that his thought might annoy, or outrage, especially to the university environment. As if this thought, I will try to convey (if you "we" do the honor of "follow") the invitation to reflect.

Work Problems

The discomfort that causes them to wake up early every day, the displeasure felt by his boss, for his monotonous work, insufferable companion to the daily suffering, the burden of bills, mortgage, spontaneous and that failure has been inappropriate a tattered entire budget for the month, the last discussion with the partner, concern for the teenage son who does not understand absolute, the sense that life is so robotic and programmed many things completely beyond our control and will … go on?. I do not need all of these things and more we run out, frustrate us, but it takes too much for one person, and we delegate and as a scapegoat elect an anonymous character who we can not put your face or name, but we know it’s there: the one that has caused the jam. This is absurd. Traffic jams have no beginning or no end, just “you” in a jam, you participate in a forced and involuntary.

You never see the source of the jam, no end in sight, but the latter does not matter because we do not affect what is left behind. In a subtle, vital delegate our frustration at the poor devil who is punctured the wheel in the middle of the road. He does not know, but part of the disorder that may pose a puncture, will bear the blame for the frustrations of life of dozens of drivers. With the hatred of your boss of all them with the problems of adolescent children of them all, with their mortgages, brushes with the family or the actual policy, conflicts with the residents … all on the shoulders of one person who has enough with him. The congestion is bound to dissolve, each will reach its destination with a bad mood.

If anyone asks why, reply: “Guilt is the jam and the geek who has formed.” But still lurking inside all these frustrations, which coexist in harmony with each other. Expect quiet until a new event and serve as the wake outlet to air their miseries. Today was the traffic, tomorrow will be anything else. Someone must bear the blame, there is always someone you delegate the guilt and frustration. What is important, really important, is delegated to another, in both cases it for the rest of our business, we are better than others and not get confused as they are. Never delegates. And if you do not believe me, do the test once again a more to the sentence of school: Hands up … who take their own share of the blame for all the frustrations that exist in your life. I was afraid of … no one has raised their hands. Sometimes it’s so easy to delegate!

The Contribution of the Emerging World

Moreover, the contribution of the emerging world will not be negligible at this time the start of the global economic recovery. BRICs countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India and China, may become no less contributors to overall economic growth in 2010. The market expects these economies as a whole achieved a growth of 7.5% for this year. In the case of China, the official index of purchasing managers (PMI for its acronym in English) reached 55.1 points in March from 52 observed in February, beating the average of 54.5 expected by the market. Qu Hongbin, chief economist at HSBC China, said on the subject: “Another figure substantially higher in the main PMI, combined with a strong rise in exports, pointing to an acceleration in industrial production growth and possibly over 11% of GDP in the first quarter. ”

Qu Hongbin, while showing their expectations for strong economic growth, did not conceal its concern about inflationary pressures emerging from the strong dynamism of aggregate demand in China: “With inflationary pressures building up rapidly, this increases the risk of rising interest rates in coming months. ” Will it take this situation in China decides once and for all, to let its currency appreciate? It appears that you have less room to avoid currency appreciation that in one way another, through the nominal exchange rate or real, occur. This appreciation of the Chinese real exchange rate, will have positive consequences for the rest of the world economy, which can provide (at least a little), the acceleration of global economic recovery.

Customer Service

Customer Service is imperative. Do not you love when you call a company and that rather than suspense, leaving to listen to their latest on-hold, recorded sales pitch, over and over again. Do you think that the normal business practice for an employee of a retail store to ask him to “wait a minute” while they disappeared into the back of the store for ten, fifteen, thirty minutes or more? People do things on the phone they would never do in person. It is a bad deal in any way to leave a client without at least hung back to let the customer know how much longer they will have. 2) How rude to a customer. As the saying goes, even if the customer is wrong, the customer is always right. There is never any reason to get rude to a customer. If a customer gets rude with you, to blow off steam and remember that their behavior is not an attack on his person. Always keep in mind that while you remain calm and in control, you can go to the reason behind the customer anger. 3) Ignoring a problem. Ignoring the customer’s problem will not disappear. The same is true of the fixes work for the company but not for the customer. Some clients have problems with a service or product that does not fit neatly into any category. These are problems that need special attention, not standard responses. Too many companies ignore this and try to use the “one size fits all” method of resolving complaints.

Companies need to realize that its policy should be adjusted to customer needs, not vice versa. 4) Making the leap from customers through hoops for a refund or exchange. I recently had to return a product to a national bookstore chain. Before the clerk refunded me, asked me all sorts of personal information. I refused to give this information. I explained that I had not given this information when I made the original purchase and not see the purpose of giving out to get my money refunded. After 15 minutes and visit the store manager, who finally relented and gave me my refund. The waiting time in line, plus the time to get my refund, adding up to 20 minutes. The company lost 20 minutes of time from a client, all in the effort to obtain information. If you have time to ignore your customer to put together a marketing profile that is defeating his long-term goal of marketing, which is to maintain a satisfied customer base that makes repeat purchases.

Training Dogs To Avoid Poisoning

Due to the huge and unfortunate number of cases of dog poisoning caused by malicious persons, it is important to train dogs not to accept food from strangers or bait that is in the soil of our garden or on the street when we took it to walk and avoid possible poisoning. To take into account in this training thst dog smell plays an essential role in everyday life, where everything seen through this sense. Dogs have a striking curiosity and a great attraction to anything new or strange, moving or not, and above all the temptation that may provoke or piece of meat. Because of this, our dog is liable to be poisoned, which is why you should not despair but be ready to learn the proper techniques of training dogs to prevent this great product dangerous poisoning can occur in two ways: indirectly:

This is the most common. The animal normally eats foods that are street waste products and industrial chemicals such as lead, or other corrosive or toxic element, being in all cases of high power. No need to try to poison resulting in death, may also be rotting food scraps. For example there have been many cases where dogs chicken bones found in a trash bag someone left it in the hamper. The direct way as its name indicates it is launching a piece of meat for example above the party wall bordering by a neighbor mad with our dog, in most cases by the excessive barking, or by a criminal with intent to enter houses will more traditionally used strychnine or cyanide, but now there are many others of different power and peligrosidad and Tambien are common cases in which someone throws a bit of minced meat in the form meatball stuffed with ground glass or fine particles metals. ideal we all wish to achieve is that our dog does not eat the other hand that is not ours, nor off your plate to eat, see how we can achieve this arduous task.

Stock Marcket

The stock market recovery and housing market hurts the dollar. The U.S. currency yesterday continued its correctness, since the recovery of the stock market with the economic literature that ended up exceeding expectations, led to several investors to invest in higher-risk currencies. The EUR / USD came under pressure during the day of Japan and Europe, and handed over most of the day. However, the pair failed to break the support level of 1.3200 area and then reversed its trend. The appreciation of the pair came to pass when the stock market began to take profits.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 2.61%. Furthermore, data published in the United States, namely, the Pending Home Sales was able to increase the appetite for risk. The figures were released far outperformed expectations, and some investors sold off dollars accordingly. It is noteworthy that fluctuations probably were exacerbated yesterday, because trading volume was low, especially for the holiday celebrated in Japan. It would be advisable to follow closely the evolution of the Aussie (AUD) and New Zealand Dollar (NZD). For today two key events are expected.

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) will release the Non-Manufacturing PMI. This indicator is essential for analyzing the economic situation in general. It is estimated that the result will show an improvement over the previous publication. On the other hand, the Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke will give a speech on the economic outlook before the congressional economic committee. Bernanke may emphasize economic improvement, and hence the dollar may fall.

Apartments For Rent, Guarantees Without Problems

The Rental Guarantee is attached to any lease (housing, local, ship, etc..) between individuals or companies and for the entire duration of the contract. It guarantees the citizen that if any conflict arises between tenant and owner, the courts resolved an efficient and swift manner and with all the firmness that involves a sentence of finality and binding form complimentary.El Rental Guarantee can be added to at any time during its duration and which is retroactive and it does not prescribe. The Rental Guarantee is recognized by various institutions nationally and internationally, as the Bank of Spain proposed the alternative arbitration and rental guarantee of the Court of Arbitration as one of the most effective measures to significantly reduce the time to execute a eviction while the International Monetary Fund has expressed its support for initiatives of this nature and for improving the efficiency and transparency of property market Spain.

With our commitment to quality, it manages to avoid the damage they cause delays in the justice system. We strongly recommend you hire a product because it has a reduced cost compared with the benefits that gets as. You can recruit Ba Arrente Sico is a service that offers guarantees to rent, using the experience of leadership settling disputes between landlord and tenant quickly and effectively and cover all expenses, so that in case of default for nonpayment of rent the landlord does not have to pay anything, as explained below. What is included? Leadership Arbitration: the owner gets an award (final sentence) in 25-30 days.

More information about the execution Judicial Award of a maintenance Costs? Asnicar payment of 88 a, VAT included. Valid for the duration of the contract. No need of renovation or yearly or monthly. Valid for new contracts and for those already signed. “Ca” MO Contractor? To come to this way of conflict resolution is imperative for the parties, both landlord and tenant sign an arbitration agreement attached to AEADE lease, so that in case of conflict are subject to arbitration by SFDA to fix. If the contract is signed and there should be no default before issuing such certificate, for it must provide a bank statement of income for the last 3 monthly to verify that there is no failure today and they are aware of payment. When you receive the feasibility by Arrent, you can hire. There are several ways to acquire the arbitration agreement of Basic Arrente AEADE with coverage.