10 Makeup Tips For This Summer

1 .- The correction can hide blemishes. Apply on areas with which you do not feel well before each base. 2 .- Highlight along the cheekbones gives a very youthful summer and a great glow. 3 .- Be sure to take vitamin supplements regularly and treat the hair with an intensive mask from time to time to look great next summer. 4 .- Take time to shape the lines of the eyebrows, since they can make a big difference in the face and make your eyes really stand out. 5 .- For a natural wave, when you're washing your hair, instead of using rollers, wet hair wrapped in cloth and let dry.

When unrolled it will have a natural wave and bounce that lasts all night. 6 .- Make an easy exfoliating part of their routine weekly scrap away dead skin, leaving healthy, clean and fresh. 7 .- A thin layer of sunscreen and stop looking at the sun for a kiss without having to be many hours in the sun. Start with a little dust brightness at night. 8 .- No need for expensive moisturizers to keep skin moist. After washing with petroleum jelly can block 10 times with as much moisture as bare skin alone. 9 .- In the summer months and especially when you take the sun, be sure to keep the SPF 30 + face cream to help stop the formation of wrinkles with age and to keep your skin hydrated as well. 10 .- Drink lots of water during the day, especially on hot days as dehydration is very bad for the skin, nails and hair.